Resize objects. Solve puzzles. Be awesome.


Last updated 3/5/12


Q: What is Scalea?
A: Scalea is an original indie puzzle game in which the player can change the size of objects in his or her world to collect tasty gumballs!

Q: How long is the game?
A: The game usually takes between a half hour and an hour for players to complete. (If you take more time, don’t fret– you’re simply lucky enough to be enjoying the game for longer!)

Q: Why is Scalea free?
A: Scalea is the first “big” game I’ve ever produced. One of my primary goals is to recruit a committed audience for my games. I believe that keeping Scalea free for players to download and enjoy will increase its accessibility and remove the obstruction of price from reaching as wide an audience as I can.

Q: Are you asking these questions as well as answering them?
A: Yes.

Q: Is Scalea “finished?”
A: Meh. Yes, the version you can download here I considered a finished, cohesive package, but this doesn’t mean I won’t release updates in the future. I can never consider any game I produce “finished,” because there are always things I’ll want to add!

Q: I want to make my own levels!!
A: You can. Here’s how.