Keep It Up is on the App Store!!

Great news! My first iOS game I’ve been working on for the past few months just hit the App Store today!!

Keep It Up is available for FREE for the iPhone! So go check it out! :)




I’ll admit the game isn’t what I initially envisioned it to be– I wanted a much deeper level of gameplay and replayability, and there’s a whole lot of stuff I wanted to add that was half-finished. I took it all out at the last minute before the release, so the game in its release state is super simple. A lot of the art is also placeholder that I never had time to redo (clouds and splats to name two). I’d like to add other types of modes and expand on the core gameplay mechanic, so if you’ve got some great ideas you’d like to see in the game, let me know and the next update could very well include your meaningful contributions!

Game With a Fantastic Title

So I spent the weekend in Philly to take part in the 48-hour Ludum Dare Competition (main website here). For it, I produced a silly little game called Game With a Fantastic Title, which I just totally added to the Games page. Check it out, woot!

Let the Music Begin

Oho! What’s that, you hear? Could that be the dulcet tones of glockenspiel and pizzicato working in harmony? Layers of piano and strings folded into one other, each note impacted with emotion, gracefully curtaining your ears with aural silk?

No, I think it’s just some songs I wrote.

In any event, the Music page is up! Listen to/download my junk for free! Junk as in music. I mean music.

My Games, For You

Guys, I’ve been selfish. Let me explain.

So I’ve been making games for the past couple of years because, simply put, I love making games. It’s truly a passion and a form of expression I can’t imagine living without. But nothing I’ve made has ever really been public. I mean, sure, I’d forced upon shown a few to some of my friends, but almost all of these games remained on my computer, for me only. I finally realized that these games aren’t meant to be amassed on my hard drive. They’re meant to be played.

As I build upon this site, I hope to get these games out there into the hands of people who love indie puzzle games as much as I do. I know it isn’t a particularly popular niche, but it’s something I commit myself to with all I’ve got because I love it. And hopefully this commitment will show in the quality of games I strive to produce.

To sum it up, there is nothing that motivates me quite like the grin of a player from the sudden glimpse of understanding and glorious satisfaction. Because to me, moments like these are what make all of my efforts worth it.