title type written added
Keep It Up (Main Theme) misc, guitar 8/30/12 9/1/12
Keep It Up (Menu Music) percussive, melodic 8/29/12 9/1/12
Bella Luna live piano 1/5/12 4/5/12 YouTube
Moving On live piano 11/24/10 4/5/12 YouTube
Scalea Theme #3 piano, strings 5/18/11 3/15/12
Untitled996 piano, strings 4/6/12 4/6/12
Untitled965 pizzicato, twinkly, piano 7/14/11 3/15/12
Untitled946 drums, misc. 4/22/11 3/15/12
Untitled935 melodic, so-so 2/22/11 4/4/12
Untitled932 piano, strings 2/13/11 4/4/12
Untitled897 pre-Cubase; piano, twinkly 12/8/10 4/5/12
Untitled894 pre-Cubase; experimental 12/2/10 4/5/12



I’ve been playing piano since I was able to sit on a bench. In 2003, I started composing. And it only got worse from there. Over the past nine years, I’ve written literally thousands of songs; these were all MIDI-based up until 2011, at which point I expanded my style with a new program, Cubase. Most of the songs up here are those I’ve made with this new program.

These songs are just a small sample of the stuff I’ve made since then. And just a head’s up, the general persuasion of my compositions don’t have vocals… I’m not as confident in my lyric-writing abilities (though I am improving!).

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