My Games, For You

Guys, I’ve been selfish. Let me explain.

So I’ve been making games for the past couple of years because, simply put, I love making games. It’s truly a passion and a form of expression I can’t imagine living without. But nothing I’ve made has ever really been public. I mean, sure, I’d forced upon shown a few to some of my friends, but almost all of these games remained on my computer, for me only. I finally realized that these games aren’t meant to be amassed on my hard drive. They’re meant to be played.

As I build upon this site, I hope to get these games out there into the hands of people who love indie puzzle games as much as I do. I know it isn’t a particularly popular niche, but it’s something I commit myself to with all I’ve got because I love it. And hopefully this commitment will show in the quality of games I strive to produce.

To sum it up, there is nothing that motivates me quite like the grin of a player from the sudden glimpse of understanding and glorious satisfaction. Because to me, moments like these are what make all of my efforts worth it.


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